The Real World

MTV Real world

I have recently been given the opportunity to travel, something that I have dreamed of doing for a long time. I visited four countries in the southern part of Africa; Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwae, and South Africa. The experience was amazing to say the least. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of fascinating people and cultures.

The trip had many highlights. I visited villages, experienced Zulu culture, bathed at a mountain basin, walked through the prison on Robin Island (where Nelson Mandela was held), learned about district six and apartide, touched the hands of children in the townships, witnessed a lioness protecting her cubs in the wild, tasted the french influence in South Africa, heard tribal drums in Zimbabwae, slept in a grass skirt, risked my life on a dangerous river boat, bungee jumped over the largest waterfall in the world, danced with a tribal chief, ate Mutant African worms, wrestled goats, witnessed monkey mating rituals, met exotic australian men, absailed cliffs in Cape Town, watched european MTV, meet african missionaries, drove across miles of brush, shopped at barder markets, crossed the border in the back of a rusty pick-up, stood soaking wet at the edge of Victoria falls, and ultimatly had the time of my life.

To check out other african charities, and to LEARN MORE about AFRICA, click away, baby! Make sure you check out the maps, pictures, and other info, too. Africa is an amazing country of rich culture, beautiful geography, and fascinating history. Africa Rox!!!