Julie A. Stoffer

Young people need our ongoing support to help them maintain their moral standards, but we often wish we could more effectively reach a broader audience and influence those who may not be exposed to positive messages.

Enter Julie Stoffer. After appearing on several Music Television Programs including MTV's "The Real World" and "Extreme Challenge" Julie has become involved in several organizations that work to promote high moral standards in today's youth. Raised in a supportive Christian home, Julie maintains strong moral values. At 22, Julie is unique for her stance against drugs and alcohol, and her belief in sexual abstinence before marriage. Her high standards are a focal point of her personality, on and off screen.

After attending Brigham Young University, a private Christian university, Julie became involved with MTV's #1 rated show, "The Real World". After filming, Julie was inducted into President Bush's Points of Light intensive training course at the University of San Diego. There she was trained to speak effectively to youth about such issues as diversity, drugs and alcohol, conflict resolution, AIDS, STDs, and sexual purity, and more. Her training, coupled with her personal standards and amazing life experiences at such a young age, make Julie an amazingly effective speaker - especially to young adults. She has since worked with campaigns such as TRUTH, Great to Wait, and RESPECT. Besides working with these campaigns, Julie has also had an opportunity to tour college campuses. She recently became the newest host on Discovery Channel's "Electric Playground".

For the past year and a half, Julie has visited over 100 schools, churches, and events with her messages. She has appeared in numerous publications including People Magazine, Newsweek, and US today, and on such programs as The View, Larry King Live, Politically Incorrect, and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Her travels have taken her across Europe, to the southern tip of Africa, to Canada, Mexico, and each state in the Union.

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